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The Brandes Institute earlier this month hosted a number of today’s top value investing practitioners in New York City for a series of events including a lively discussion on the benefits of value investing and the characteristics of solid value-based opportunities today.   Read More
Brandes Investment Partners today announced the launch of the third Brandes Scholarship Program (BSP), which will award five scholarships of $4,000 each to U.S. students who can demonstrate knowledge and insight into their investing personalities and risk tolerance.   Read More
Tim Doyle, Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager at Brandes Investment Partners, comments on the often overlooked risks of increasingly popular unconstrained bond funds: extra complexity, credit risk and lack of transparency.   Read More
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Active managers, even the best performing ones, suffered periods of weak returns.   Read More
A variety of factors have heightened interest in liability-driven investing (LDI) as an alternative to traditional asset maximization; however, plan sponsors must weigh a variety of complex factors when adopting or extending LDI.    Read More
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Robert Maynard, Chief Investment Officer for the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho and Brandes Institute Advisory Board member, cautions investors who are thinking about abandoning traditional investment plans for more opportunistic strategies.    Read More
Chuck Jaffe senior columnist for MarketWatch talks value stocks with Brandes Institute Analyst Nick Erickson.    Read More
NCPERS ( has featured the Manager Challenge at its annual conference for the past seven years. The event has been a popular way for attendees to test and sharpen their manager selection and monitoring skills in a competitive and fun interactive simulation. In 2012, the event in New York was covered by The Wall Street Journal.   Read More