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Charles Brandes and Institute Board member Kim Shannon participate in a panel discussion on the future of active and passive investing. Joined by a panelist from passive investing giant Black Rock, participants share insights on what separates active and passive strategies, opportunities in the market and how the two strategies can be effectively used together.    Read More
Examines how annuities can help address longevity risk and how new federal regulations may improve the payout options for longevity insurance. The article also cites Institute research that advocates for maintaining a higher allocation to equities in retirement.   Read More
Identifies the six core questions retirees and those who are approaching retirement should ask themselves about whether a conventional approach to investing in retirement is right for them.    Read More
Should retirees consider alternative strategies to fund their retirement? Given low returns for bonds, can alternative strategies and a higher allocation to equities help keep retirees from running out of money?    Read More
Could the shrinking profits for growth stocks indicate a shift in the type of stocks that outperform?   Read More
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Emerging markets are generally seen as fertile ground for glamorous companies experiencing rapid growth. This article challenges that perception by considering new research by the Brandes Institute and Société Générale.    Read More
Barry Gillman of the Brandes Institute discusses currency hedging and the carry trade, and shares findings from a survey of plan sponsors.    Read More