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Capital appreciation for equities and fixed income often overshadow income’s contribution to returns. Bill Raver discusses new research from the Brandes Institute that changes preconceptions and examines the significance of income based on 78 years of financial asset performance.    Read More
Over There? The Love-Hate Relationship of International Investing
Robert Maynard, Chief Investment Officer at the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho, raises awareness of behavioral issues and their relation to common investment problems with the goal of enhancing decision-making, particularly for institutional investors.   Read More
The Cutting-Edge Evidence that Falling Knives' Stocks are for the Sharp-Witted Investor”
A Lesson to be Learned in Nortel Collapse, Rise
Catch a Falling Knife
Study Points to High Yields for Falling Knives
The Search for the Perfect Mandate
Proxy Voting: Making Sure the Vote Counts
Are analysts susceptible to the same behavioral mistakes as average investors? This article examines common biases and attempts to identify any safeguards that may help minimize their impact.    Read More