Seeking Academic Research

Seeking Academic Research

The Brandes Institute seeks to challenge investing perceptions, raise awareness of market developments and provide a forum to foster critical conversations about investment-related topics. We are actively seeking new research partners within the academic community for collaborative research projects.

Benefits for Our Research Partners

  1. Opportunity to pursue ideas leveraging Brandes Institute resources.
  2. Publishing potential. Not only in white papers posted at the Brandes Institute website but possibly with select academic journals as well.
  3. A broad platform for sharing findings via our website and our “For Intelligent Investors” emails (which target about 800 consultants and institutional investors worldwide). 
  4. Presentation opportunities to share findings at institutional investor or financial advisor conferences.
  5. Promotion of research findings via Brandes’ public relations firm to financial media outlets.
  6. Invitations to Brandes Institute Advisory Board meetings (either online or in-person events), featuring plan sponsors and other professionals from around the world.
  7. Networking with investment professionals worldwide to debate ideas and expand understanding and contacts.

Current and Potential Research Topics

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Measuring and Managing Risk
  • Value Investing

The Brandes Institute

The Brandes Institute was founded in 2002 with a mission to investigate opportunities arising from structural and behavioral factors in global markets. We share our research as white papers, articles or videos posted at our website. We also present findings at industry events. Our work also is required reading in select university curricula.


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Brandes Institute research has appeared in:

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For more information on becoming a Research Partner with the Brandes Institute, contact Bob Schmidt, Manager, Brandes Institute, at or +1 858.523.3148