Brandes Green


Brandes recognizes the importance of being a responsible steward of our planet and at the same time of fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that contributes to our employees’ wellbeing.

Brandes Green reflects these convictions. Through Brandes Green, we chronicle our commitment and our actions related to the environment and to the principle of thinking globally while acting locally. On this page, are specific examples of what we’ve done to live these ideals.

Internal Initiatives

Over the years, we have made tangible changes to our operations to align them with acknowledged environmental best practices. We:

  • became a signatory to the United Nations “Principles for Responsible Investment” (UN PRI) confirming that we incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into our investment process.
  • work in a LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building.
  • offer a work-from-home option for some staff that reduces the impact of commuting.
  • get digital-only subscriptions, reducing the impacts of receiving paper-based publications.
  • participate actively in local recycling programs, covering paper, ink and toner cartridges.
  • use centralized to highly efficient multifunctional printers default set to duplex and B&W.
  • upgraded coffee machines, eliminated disposable cups, and encourage using reusables.
  • equipped all meeting rooms with digital A/V equipment to use less paper at meetings.
  • have donated still-useful reference books and information technology to local schools.
  • established the Brandes Green to identify other initiatives (as described below).

Brandes Green_Building

External Initiatives

As important as it is for Brandes to apply sound environmental practices to its own operations, it’s equally important to contribute to the “green well-being” of the broader communities where we have offices. Here are key examples of how we bring that outlook to life.


Please revisit this page periodically to learn about new initiatives.

Earth Day 2023: Serving as Good Stewards of the Planet

To commemorate Earth Day, Brandes encouraged our employees to participate in the 21st Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup Day. This impactful event took place at the scenic Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado, California.

Brandes Plant It Forward: A Green Initiative of building and sustaining our vital urban forest

For the 2nd year in a row, more than 50 Brandes employees participated in Brandes Plant It Forward initiative which took place at Balboa Park in December 2022. Participating staff had hands-on lessons in tree maintenance and took part in tree care - mulching, staking, watering, and replacing of trees. Balboa Park is an integrated set of non-profit natural spaces and cultural, heritage and amusement facilities in San Diego, California, where Brandes has its headquarters.

Earth Day 2022: Engaging Our Employees for Community Benefit

For Earth Day, Brandes encouraged our employees to “Invest in our Planet” through two initiatives. On Friday, April 22 (Earth Day), we held our No Single-Use Plastic Challenge for employees worldwide to promote single-use plastic reduction. Participants were eligible to win plastic-alternative products toward becoming plastic free. The next day, Brandes employees gathered at Postage Stamp Point Trail to join in “I Love a Clean San Diego”—the largest Earth Week cleanup in the county where we have our headquarters. Participants cleaned up trash and over-grown plant debris and beautified the trail.



Earth Day

Brandes Plant It Forward: A Green Initiative Takes Root in San Diego

More than 50 Brandes employees planted 16 trees in Balboa Park under the auspices of Brandes Plant It Forward initiative in November 2021. Participating staff learned how to untangle roots and use a fence post driver and spent time together after a prolonged period isolating from each other due to the pandemic. Balboa Park is an integrated set of non-profit natural spaces and cultural, heritage and amusement facilities in San Diego, California, where Brandes has its headquarters.


Plant it Forward