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  • Value's Resurgence – An AssetTV Masterclass

    Managing Director, Investments Group, Ken Little, CFA recently participated in AssetTV’s Masterclass: Value’s Resurgence. Watch the discussion on the macroeconomic environment, value’s outperformance compared to growth, and potential opportunities.

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  • China: Then and Now

    A discussion on China’s journey through decades of relentless transformation. Topics include: China’s rise on the world’s economic and geopolitical stage; China’s economic outlook and challenges; China within the emerging markets equity asset class

    Investments & Wealth Institute® accepts China: Then and Now for one hour of CE credit towards the CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, and RMA® certification. The CFP Board® accepts China: Then and Now for one hour of CE credit towards the CFP® certification. If you provided the required information during the webinar registration process, stay for the entire session, and successfully complete the 10-question quiz on the viewer console, Brandes will report your attendance.

  • Are Boomers Really OK? A Survival Guide for Retiree Assets

    As Boomers enter traditional retirement years, they may wonder whether their retirement money will last for the rest of their lifetimes. In this webcast, we’ll draw on research from diverse Brandes Institute projects and present a comprehensive, objective look at various asset allocation plans. We'll also discuss potential missteps Boomers may make, as well as practical suggestions and tips on how to avoid these potential mistakes.

    Investments & Wealth Institute® has accepted Getting New Clients in the Pandemic World: The Key Solutions for 2021 and Beyond for 1 hour of CE credit towards the CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, and RMA® certifications. If you provide the required information during the webinar registration process and stay for the entire LIVE event, please self-report your attendance to IWI. The CFP Board® accepts the LIVE program for one hour of CE credit towards the CFP® certification. If you provide the required information during the webinar registration process and stay for the entire session, Brandes will report your attendance to these organizations.

  • Quality Shareholders: Who They Are and How Do They Add Value?

    By one definition, a “quality shareholder” analyzes company fundamentals, holds substantial stakes in a few for the long-term, and engages with management on specific challenges. Today, such shareholders appear to be the minority. Our panelists will explore the implications of this dynamic and related topics such as governance and performance potential.
  • Ten Ideas to Foster Long-Term Investing

    Amid short-term pressures, how could investors and organizations draw on structural and cultural elements to enhance decision-making and retain focus on long-horizon goals? The panelists review aspects of investment beliefs, governance, aligned interests and people and provide practical examples for implementation.
  • U.S.-China Geopolitics: Implications

    What are the greatest current challenges facing the United States and China? How may the relationship evolve with respect to economics and policy—and what are the potential consequences for global citizens and investors?
  • Plan Sponsor Challenges and Tactics

    Institutional asset owners face daunting challenges today: meeting return targets, greater complexity and costs, changing asset allocation strategies and shifting demographics among constituents. Our panel of experts shares insights on these issues and others, as well as practical approaches for addressing them.
  • The Evolution of Value Investing

    Among the original value investors, Benjamin Graham wrote that the application of investment principles “…must be adapted to significant changes in the financial mechanisms and climate.” What changes are affecting value investing, how can we best apply its principles today and how has the approach evolved?
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Investing

    Terms such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing aspects of the investment landscape. What innovations are affecting asset owners, asset managers and investors? What are the latest developments and what may the future hold?
  • The Future of Energy: How bp Is Responding to the Energy Transition

    In an exclusive one-on-one conversation, Giulia Chierchia, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Sustainability at bp, and Chris Duncan, CFA, Director, Investments Group at Brandes Investment Partners, discuss bp’s role in the energy transition.
  • Dr. Terrance Odean on Behavioral Finance

    For nearly 30 years, Dr. Terrance Odean has been investigating aspects of behavioral finance, stemming from his interests in decision-making, money and psychology. His research was initially spurred by personal advice from Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Daniel Kahneman. Over the years, Dr. Odean has delved into risk aversion, overconfidence, investor attention and media coverage and, of course, his groundbreaking work on the disposition effect has been published in the Journal of Finance. Dr. Odean talks about his recent work and its practical application.
  • COVID-19: 2020 and Beyond

    What is the latest scientific analysis on the coronavirus revealing? What are emerging options for testing and treatment? What may the future hold with regard to policy changes and economic impacts? Our panel of experts addresses these questions and others.
  • A Closer Look at Emerging Markets

    Get beyond the headlines to learn about emerging markets performance drivers and the potential catalysts for value stock performance. Discover the value opportunities Brandes has found amid heightened market volatility. With insights shared by Matt Johnson, Louis Lau, CFA, and Gerardo Zamorano, CFA, understand the potential catalysts that could help spur a recovery.
  • Startled by Your Recent Account Statement?

    Startled by your recent account statement? Finding it challenging to stay focused and fully invested when markets are anxious? Get tools and techniques to help manage your way through any economic crisis and pursue your investment goals over the long term. Join Matt Johnson and Bob Schmidt for an insightful chat featuring practical ideas from behavioral finance to apply to your investments.
  • Training the Investor Brain 2: Managing Emotions and Building Your Business

    Investing and human psychology are deeply connected. So, can you use psychological insights to invest better? And what is the practical value of behavioral finance? Learn about tools and techniques that can make a real-world difference. Bob Schmidt  and Dr. Frank Murtha discuss ideas that support smarter investing.
    Accepted for one hour of CE credit towards the CFP®, CFA®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, and RMA® certifications. After you watch this on-demand webcast, please send an email to for the IWI® webcast ID to self-report your attendance for CFA®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC® and RMA® certifications. For CFP®, please complete the quiz located in the lower-right of the webcast console, complete the form and self-submit for CE credit.
  • Training the Investor Brain: Tactics to Manage Client Emotions

    Decisions about investing are, sadly, not always based on facts and knowledge. Emotions that attach themselves to money can prompt unwise and impractical behaviors. Discover how behavioral biases can undermine—or even damage—prospects for long-term investing success. Bob Schmidt discusses ways to address and overcome common misperceptions and embrace rational decision-making that supports intelligent investment choices.
    Accepted for one hour of CE credit towards CFP®, CFA® and CIMA®, CIMC® or CPWA® certifications. On the registration page, please enter your CFP Board Number/CIMA ID Number/CFA Institute ID. You will need to self-submit the credit to the appropriate board using the Certificate of Completion for CFA and CIMA. The Certificate for Completion is located at the bottom of the webcast console and will be available after you pass the CE test which is also located at the bottom of the console. For CFP credit, RIA Channel will submit on your behalf.