Brandes Professional Development

Brandes has committed itself to investing principles pioneered by Benjamin Graham, a renowned professor at several prominent U.S. universities, an economist and investor, and the acknowledged originator of value investing.

Our Professional Development program—designed to cultivate our employees across all divisions and offices—reinforces the timeless value investment concepts Graham established and our enduring commitment to them.

Graham Course: Seeking to Ensure Our Core Values are Always Upheld 


Our founder, Charles Brandes, met and conversed with Graham and was inspired by his investing philosophy, analytical methods and passion for lifelong learning—an attribute we believe supported Charles' success as an investor. With that as a foundation for remaining true to our convictions, we have periodically conducted a Graham Course.


Designed primarily for newer staff members, it also serves as a refresher for all employees: its curriculum features an examination of Graham’s investment strategy. Through the course, we impart key value investing tenets, ensuring that our clients and consultants can expect us to adhere to our stated investing approach and process.


Here are features of our most recent Graham Course whose participants graduated in March 2022:

    • Goal: Strengthen understanding of The Intelligent Investor, its impact on the firm, clients.
    • Core text: The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham, 1949.
    • Syllabus: Selected sections and chapters as covered by each session lead.
    • Cohort: 60 Brandes employees from San Diego, Toronto, Dublin, Milwaukee and Singapore.
    • Faculty: Senior Brandes employees.
    • Scope: Five, one-hour sessions, recorded for later playback.
    • Optional Assignment: Essay contest; best submission received an award.
    • Convocation: Graduation and certificate of achievement to acknowledge completion.

In December 2022, we began offering this course externally via our “CE Credit Opportunity: Graham Course Webcast Series”. During this 3-session course, members of Brandes Investment Partners and UC San Diego’s Brandes Center go through essentials from Graham’s iconic book “The Intelligent Investor.” 

Brandes seeks to invest in the knowledge and capabilities of our employees to equip them with the value investing philosophy and operational strengths our clients and consultants expect and deserve.