Industry Engagement and Collaboration

Consistent with its corporate citizenship principles, Brandes has led or has been an active partner in pursuing a variety of initiatives intended to support industry engagement and collaboration. Our goal is to nurture and to sustain positive changes within the investment industry for its good and the larger circle of stakeholders that interacts with it.

Here are brief accounts of key initiatives we continue to pursue with different constituencies that reflect our orientation to industry engagement and collaboration.

Industry Engagement and Collaboration

Fostering Healthy Markets


In 2015, Brandes became a founding member of the Healthy Markets Association, along with four other asset managers which has since grown to about twenty leading financial firms. The Association is a coalition of investors led by independent experts in market structure analysis and research. As a founder, we identify strongly with its mission to promote more robust, stable, and fair markets for investors, not just traders, and our participation demonstrates our insistence that client interests be protected. Accordingly, we collaborate with other members on advocacy and education; develop “best practices” and industry standards for the trading community, and work with regulators and legislators to advance data-driven reforms.

For more about how the association informs and empowers investors and promotes healthy capital markets: Healthy Markets Association.