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Small Companies. Big Potential

  • Pioneer — Brandes has navigated global markets for over 40 years, managing a standalone International Small Cap Strategy for over 20 years.
  • Value — The strategy consistently applies a disciplined investment process focused on uncovering international small cap companies with potentially attractive value attributes.
  • Flexibility — The strategy has the ability and willingness to be different than the benchmark, with the freedom to invest wherever we can find the most value, including emerging markets.

Partner with a Pioneer in Global Value Investing

  • Experienced Professionals — The Investment Committee is composed of experienced professionals who have managed extreme market cycles.
  • Commitment to Transparent, Easy to Understand Investment Process — The firm consistently applies a Graham-and-Dodd, value investing approach centered on a research-driven process of purchasing potentially undervalued companies with the goal of capturing future price appreciation.
  • Independent Point of View — Brandes Investment Partners is a 100% employee owned firm and its strategies are unhindered by sales quotas or any outside influence that may impede the firm’s pursuit of investment management excellence.

The Brandes International Small Cap Equity Strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity securities of non-U.S. issuers with equity market capitalizations of $2.5 billion or less at the time of purchase.

The strategy benchmark is the S&P Developed Ex-U.S. SmallCap Index.

In September 2016 the strategy benchmark changed from gross of withholding tax to net of withholding tax, effective back to the inception date of the strategy. For periods where the net dividend returns are not available gross benchmark returns are used and linked to the net benchmark returns. The change was made to better reflect our expectation for an investor’s actual experience.

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The results for individual accounts and for different periods may vary.  Investors should not rely on prior performance results as a reliable indication of future results. Market conditions may impact performance. The performance results presented were achieved in particular market conditions which may not be repeated. Moreover, the current market volatility and uncertain regulatory environment may have a negative impact on future performance.
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