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About Brandes

Who We Are

A Pioneer in Global Value Investing

Driven by a singular goal to help investors pursue their long-term investment objectives, Brandes Investment Partners, L.P., (Brandes) has scoured the globe for attractively priced companies since the firm’s founding in 1974. A leading investment advisory firm specializing in managing a variety of global equity and fixed-income assets for investors worldwide, Brandes was among the first investment firms to invest globally using a value approach. 

Focused on the Principles of Benjamin Graham

Brandes applies the value-investing discipline to security selection pioneered by Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. This approach seeks to identify and invest in companies that are selling at a discount to their estimated fundamental value, or true worth.

Inspired by the Pursuit of Value-Driven Growth Potential

Finding value for our clients inspires Brandes just as much today as it did when we started 40 years ago. After navigating four decades of market ebbs and flows, we continue to believe true value investing is the only way to seek meaningful, long-term growth potential for our clients.

Invested In Our Strategies – Alongside Our Clients

At Brandes, we have a long-established culture of investing alongside of our clients. Our Co-Investment Guidelines ensure that our leadership’s financial interests are aligned with those of our clients by requiring that all members of the firm’s various Investment Committees maintain meaningful personal investments in Brandes strategies, especially in those they co-manage.

We invite you to learn more about the firm, and our investment approach and services by viewing our Brandes at a Glance PDF and corporate brochure PDF.