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What’s the latest investment fad? What’s the new New Thing? Magnificent Seven? Can’t argue that they haven’t done well lately. What about meme stocks? What about fintech? What about SPACS? BRICS? Crypto? Cannabis stocks? Dotcom stocks? Asian Tigers? Nifty Fifty? You name it, there are lots of great companies out there, and lots of great stories in all those, for sure. But in the end, no matter what the latest fad, history teaches us a lesson, time and time again, that the price you pay (low, fair, or high) for any company is very likely going to have a very meaningful long-term impact on your investment. But even though the fads come and go over the decades, that’s the big lesson seemingly very few care to learn. 

Matthew Johnson
Brandes Director of Private Client Sales 

Source: The Guardian, July 22, 2008

  • Matthew C. Johnson, JD

    Matthew C. Johnson, JD

    • Director, Private Client Sales

    Matthew Johnson is responsible for sales management, product distribution and business development. He also leads strategy development, planning and execution of the firm’s field sales efforts. Previously, Mr. Johnson was a Product Manager for Brandes’ Global, Global Balanced and U.S. Equity strategies. He also held the position of Regional Director with the firm’s Marketing and Client Services. Mr. Johnson is a limited partner of the firm’s parent company. He holds a JD from Santa Clara University and a BA from the University of Notre Dame. Mr. Johnson’s relevant experience began in 1993 when he joined Brandes Investment Partners.