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Brandes' point of view

The asset management industry continues to face several challenges that can impact investment performance and asset growth. The Digital Transformation―progress in computing advances, the use of the cloud, and more recently artificial intelligence―continues to rapidly steer and reshape our industry, forcing us to regularly reassess our approach and skillset, all while remaining focused on the long term and filtering out daily noise. The Brandes trading team continues to explore new offerings and their fit to our needs. But that should not come at the expense of relationships.

Source: "Brandes Blocks Out `Short-Termism,' Focuses on Technology," Traders Magazine, March 8, 2023 

  • Joe Scafidi Photo

    Joe Scafidi

    • Global Head of Trading

    Joe Scafidi manages the day-to-day operations and trading strategy for Brandes’ global trading desk. He also oversees the execution of trades for all institutional, private-client and sub-advisory wrap portfolios, as well as program trading. He is a member of the Executive Management Group, which is responsible for the firm’s day-to-day operations and long-term strategic direction, and a member of the Investment Oversight Committee. Mr. Scafidi is a limited partner of the firm’s parent company.

    Before joining Brandes, he was head of the International Institutional Trading Desk for Morgan Stanley, after holding senior roles at several firms including Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers and Bank of America. Mr. Scafidi has extensive product knowledge in U.S. and non-U.S. equity markets. Additionally, he had significant experience managing trading professionals and building positive relationships with institutional clients. Mr. Scafidi is a member of the NYSE Institutional Traders Advisory Committee, the IEX Buy-Side Trading Advisory Committee, the Investment Company Institute (ICI) and the National Organization of Investment professionals (NOIP). He earned a BA in economics from Montclair State University. His relevant experience began in 1986 and he joined Brandes Investment Partners in 2007.