US Mutual Funds - News and Announcements
Brandes Director of Investments Gerardo Zamorano, CFA, discusses U.S.-China trade negotiations with Forbes.   Read More
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Brandes Investment Partners today announced that UBS Financial Services Inc. will become the first firm to offer the Brandes Value NextShares Fund (Nasdaq: BVNSC) on its platform. The fund seeks to uncover companies with attractive value attributes and focuses primarily on large cap equity securities of U.S. issuers.    Read More
A slowing Chinese economy, trade friction, and corporate indebtedness are among factors weighing on investor sentiment.   Read More
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Louis Lau, CFA, Director of Investments at Brandes, discusses investing in China with Forbes.   Read More
Brandes Director of Investments Louis Lau, CFA, is quoted in Forbes on investment opportunities in Argentina.    Read More
Brandes Institute Manager Bob Schmidt is quoted in U.S. News & World Report on how investors can inadvertently let their emotions dictate their investment decisions despite knowing they should be focusing on the long-term.   Read More
Luiz Sauerbronn, Director of Investments at Brandes, discusses where Brandes is finding buying opportunities in the U.K. amid Brexit talks.   Read More
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