Brandes Updates

Brandes Updates

Brandes Investments Group

Ralph Birchmeier

We are sad to announce that due to personal reasons Ralph Birchmeier has retired from the firm effective December 31, 2018. Ralph has been with Brandes since 1999. Most recently, he served as head of our financial institutions research team, as a member of the Small Cap Investment Committee (SCIC) and as the SCIC representative on the All-Cap Investment Committee, which manages the Global Opportunities Value strategy.

Ken Little, Managing Director of the Investments Group, noted that we are fortunate that we can rely on our deep and experienced bench of investment professionals to take over Ralph’s responsibilities. As a result, the following members of the Investments Group will take on new responsibilities:

Michael Hutchens

Mike will now lead the financial institutions team. Mike has worked alongside Ralph on the financial institutions team for 17 years. He has 24 years in the industry, 17 at Brandes. Mike is a limited partner at the firm.

Yingbin Chen

Yingbin will become the SCIC representative on the All-Cap Investment Committee. She has served on the SCIC with Ralph since 2005 and joined Brandes in 2001. Yingbin is a limited partner at the firm.

Bryan Barrett

As part of our normal rotation process in the Investments Group, Bryan will join the SCIC as a non-voting member. He has been with the firm since 2008 and is an analyst on the financial institutions team. The firm has historically started new committee members in a non-voting capacity to ensure a smooth integration.

Bryan will join Yingbin, Mark Costa and Luiz Sauerbronn, who have served on the SCIC since 2005, 2009 and 2003, respectively.

Brandes Limited Partnership

Brandes is an independent firm and 100% owned by our limited partners—all of whom are active employees. As partners retire, their ownership is recycled among the remaining partners and periodically we invite key members of our staff to join the partnership.

As we have announced previously, after 23 years of serving our clients, Doug Edman retired at the end of 2018. Doug was a member of the Emerging Markets Investment Committee.

In addition, we are delighted to announce that Roberta Loubier, Global Head of Compliance, has been invited to join the partnership. Roberta began her career in the investment services industry in 1997 and joined Brandes in 2003. Roberta is responsible for executing the firm’s compliance mandate and supporting the execution of the compliance mandate for the firm’s affiliates in Toronto, Dublin and Singapore.